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These conditions explain the rights, obligations and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement.

1. Our Quotation
Our quotation, unless otherwise stated constitutes the entire agreement between the parties together with these terms and conditions but it does not include customs duties, port charges and inspections or any other fees or taxes payable to government bodies or otherwise arising from the removal or introduction of your property into or out of the United Kingdom or any other jurisdiction. We may change the price or make additional charges if circumstances are found to apply which have not been taken into account when preparing our quotation and confirmed by us in writing. These include:
• You do not accept our quotation in writing within 28 days, or the work is not carried out or completed within three months.
• Our costs change because of currency fluctuations or changes in taxation or freight, fuel, ferry or toll charges beyond our control.
• We supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods (these conditions apply to such work).
• The stairs lifts or doorways are inadequate for free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the approach, road or drive is unsuitable for our vehicles and/or containers to load and/or unload within 20 metres of the doorway.
• We have to pay parking or other fees, fines or congestion charges in order to carry out services on your behalf.
• There are delays or events outside our reasonable control which increase or extend the resources or time allowed to complete the agreed work.
• We supply any additional services (currently £35 per man per hour minimum 1 hour). Alternatively we can change a rate equivalent to original removal cost divided by original cubic feet supplied by customer (Please note, although our on-line inventory form is reliable, it is for calculation purposes only and enables us to assess the size of vehicle/s required and is used in the above calculation) Any unspecified extra packing/removal (not recorded on inventory/quotation) will be charged £5 per box (excluding materials). Subject to availability.
• The Insurance Option will only apply if it is stated on the Quotation. A summary of the insurance cover maintained by us and any main exclusion from the cover is either enclosed with these conditions or is available on request.
• There are delays outside our reasonable control in which event we will make an additional charge for waiting time calculated in accordance with our standard rates applicable at the time (£15 per man per hour minimum 1 hour- unless you have requested waiver with office).
• Our quotation is not a guarantee that we have vehicles available on the day you require. Accordingly your signed acceptance of our quotation does not constitute a contract between us until you have our written confirmation that we can move your Goods on your required date. We will send our written confirmation within one working day of our receipt of your acceptance of our quotation.
.Addtional Information

1. Should you choose to undertake our services we require an inventory to be carried out by yourself of the number of boxes and items to be loaded. This must be provided before the removal takes place. This is to allow a claim to be processed by the insurance company who will be insuring your goods in transit whilst in our vehicle.
2. Only items in boxes packed by us will be insured on our moves, as we can insure they have been packed and protected carefully enough to ensure they are in working order in your new home.
3. Should you choose to pack your own items, any items worth over the value of £50 we require at least 72 hours’ notice or warning to allow for suitable cover to be in place on the day of your move. Please note there will be an additional charge for this Insurance.
4. 1 hour of demurrage is included within fixed price quotations, any other waiting time is chargeable by the hour at our usual hourly rate for these prices please see: Prices.
5. Distance from property: it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure we are able to park our vehicle within 20 metres of the front door you their front door or building entrance. Failure to do so or failure to inform us of this not being achieved before your removal date may result in additional charges being added to your removal cost.
6. Loading with customers, should you decide to assist us, of provide your own assistance on any removal job you accept to forfit the right to any GIT(Goods In Transit Insurance Cover) of removal insurance being provided by us.
7. Customer traveling in our vehicles: should you wish o travel in our vehicles on the day of your move you will willingly forfit the right to sue us in the event of an accident as we are insured for carrying employees, NOT Customers.
8. Lift not working: instant hourly rate: on the day of your removal should your lift not be working and a quotation be provided to you on the basis of an operational lift. Your removal quotation will be instantly converted into an hourly rate job instead of any fixed price quotation previously quoted.
9. Extra stop offs: loading and reloading. If you have requested for an additional collection, it may be required for us to unload and reload your current consignment to ensure your items are sufficiently loaded. This will be chargeable by our standard hourly rates unless otherwise stated in your removal confirmation or removal quotation.
10. We would require a deposit of 20% of the amount in advance to secure the booking and the balance on arrival at delivery address before off loading of contents. We accept cash and all major UK credit cards
11. Our insurance does not cover accidental breakage of items, valuables or clothes left in WARDROBES Draws or Cabinets. All insured goods must be packed into boxes by ourselves. You are able to purchase a separate insurance for goods packed by yourselves through your home contents insurer. It is important to pack everything (i.e. garments / clothes & valuables) originally stored in your household furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets, or draws into moving boxes to prevent any damage when transporting these items in and out of your property.

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